China furniture export


China main furniture export area 2009

Per China Customs statistics in 2009,

There are 6 provinces below whose furniture export values are over 1 billion US dollars

  1. 1.       Guang Dong province:

 Furniture export value: 9.97 billion US dollors , is 39.3% of total China furniture export value.

  1. 2.        Zhe Jiang province:

Furniture export value: 5.05 billion US dollors

  1. 3.       Shang Hai city:

Furniture export value: 2.26 billion US dollors

  1. 4.        Jiang Su Province:

Furniture export value: 1.9 billion US dollors

  1. 5.       Fu Jian Province:

Furniture export value: 1.86 billion US dollors

  1. 6.       Shang Dong Province:

Furniture export value: 1.13 billion US dollars


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