China trade,China export date 2011 Jan.


Per China Customs Feb.14 statistics, China import and export total value in 2011 Jan. is 295 billion USD, increased 43% compared with same time of last year.

Total export value in Jan. is 150 billion USD, increased 37.7% increased compared with last Jan.  Total import value in Jan. is 144.2 billion USD, increased 51% compared with last Jan.

In Jan.2011, China and EU total trade value is USD45.9 billion which increased 30%. China and在USA trade value is USD36.8 billion, which increased 39.2%. South and East Asian is the No.3 trade partner of China, the total trade value is USD28.8 billion in Jan.2011.

In Jan.2011, GuangDong province export value: USD42.9 billion

Jiangsu province export value: USD43.6 billion

Shanghai export value: USD35.1 billion

Beijing export value: USD32.2 billion

Furniture total export value: USD3.58 billion

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