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YBS:New generation grades for difficult-to-cut materials



  • The YBS series offer the perfect solutions for difficult-to-cut materials, especially in HRSA(Heat resistant super alloy) materials such as nickel-based alloy and titanium alloy.
  • Improved uniformity of substrate and restraining the trend of coarse grain in fine crystal through optimized sintering process.
  • Ensuring high wear resistance combined with good resistance against crack propagation and breakage through technologies of alloy toughness enhancement.
  • Due to totally new carbide substrate contents, significantly improved high temperature performance and extended tool life.

  • Turning grade for nickel-based alloy of ISO S materials
  • Good resistance against wear, built-up formation and high temperature oxidation.
  • Ideal for turning nickel-based heat resistant super alloy
  • General grade for ISO S materials
  • Good resistance against  crack propagation and high temperature oxidation
  • A good balance of toughness and wear resistance
  • Suitable for turning and milling of difficult-to-cut materials.
  • Milling grade for titanium alloy of ISO S materials
  • Good resistance against impact loading
  • Ideal for milling titanium alloy